Appointment Calendar Plugin Review

Simplify your customers’ lives

appointment calendarThis is a review of the WordPress Appointment Calendar. So, what can you do with this plugin? You can take appointments on any WordPress site.

You can help your potential customers

  • Schedule online & see availabilities in real time
  • Schedule quickly without hassle.

You may be a

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Pet groomer
  • Massage therapist
  • Or whatever

Appointment Calendar for WordPress can make the life of your clients easier.

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Managed from within WordPress

Appointment Calendar is a simple yet powerful plugin for accepting appointments on your WordPress site. No need to use third party appointment booking services. Everything can be managed from inside the WordPress admin panel.

How to create your first Appointment Calendar

appointment calendar

  1. From WordPress dashboard, click Plugins > Add New.
  2. Type the name of the plugin into search box and click Install Now.
  3. appointment calendarThen click the Activate button. “Appointment Calendar” immediately shows up in black column.
  4. Click Settings > Calendar Settingsappointment calendar
  5. This will get you to the Manage Calendar Settings panel that you see above. Notice the Booking Button Text box. That shows you the blue button that you will see in the box in #7 below. Then notice the Booking Instructions box. The image in #6 below is the HTML code that you see in the box below. It results in the text above the blue button in #7. Note that it is not necessary to use any HTML tags if you do not want to.
  6. appointment calendar
  7. appointment calendar
  8. appointment calendarTo add the form to a page, use the short code “APCAL” or else “APCAL_MOBILE” inside square brackets. Add the shortcode anywhere on a page or post in Visual view. Your Appointment Calendar will appear at the top of the page. So, it is usually best to have nothing but the Appointment Calendar on a page.
  9. To see an example of the Appointment Calendar live, go to this demo page.

Mobile version is different

Note that when you use the mobile version, no calendar shows up. In order to see the calendar, you must tap the blue button.

Many more features in the pro version:


  • Create and Manage Unlimited Services
  • Create Service, Setup Service Price, Duration Availability
  • Link Service to Staff
  • Manage a Staff Database



  • Manage a Client Database
  • Search Clients by Name
  • Client Appointment History
  • New Appointment automatically create client in the Database




  • Setup Business Hours to suit your business
  • Mark Complete days as Off
  • Combine business hours and Time off to create complex working hours



  • Sync Appointments with Google calendar
  • New appointments automatically pushed to Google calendar
  • Admin can view all appointments on his Google Calendar


  • Get new appointment notification
  • Client gets notified on appointment changes
  • Customize Notification Message





  • Calendar Settings: Customize Calendar View, Time Slots , Start day etc
  • Setup Different Currency
  • Misc Settings Page





  • Accept Payment on Booking
  • Accept Full or Partial Payment on Booking.


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