Moving Pictures with Soliloquy Plugin

Simple WordPress moving pictures plugin

If you want moving pictures like the ones above, use the WordPress plugin called Soliloquy. It is fast, simple & easy to use. It is SEO friendly. While setting up the SEO features, you can even make any image link to another website!

How to set up Soliloquy

  1. In your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Soliloquy
  3. Beside the Soliloquy description box that shows up, click Install Now > Activate.
  4. Click on Soliloquy > Add New in the black dashboard column
  5. Give it a descriptive title
  6. Experiment with the two choices of sourcing files. The example above used “Other Sources” which were 5 pictures that were moving picturesalready in the website’s Media Library. Hold down the shift key while you click on the first & last pictures you want.
  7. Click Publish often
  8. moving picturesScroll down and look at your pictures.  (You should not have more than 5. That would slow your computer down.) Click moving pictureson the blue Edit button to improve SEO and to add a link to another website. Click on Config and experiment. Duration & speed are in milliseconds. So, 1000 would indicate one second. In the example above, the Slider Transition Speed was increased to 900.
  9. After you click the blue Update or Publish button and then click the Soliloquy Slider Code, you will see a snippet of code something like¬†[soliloquy id=”10056″].
  10. Add that snippet where you want the slide to show up, click Update and view your page. The slider will be working.
  11. If you want to edit the slider, click Edit Page and then Soliloquy > Soliloquy in your WordPress Dashboard.

Click here to learn more.

More features for your moving pictures

In the sample above, you see 5 small circles that represent each of the 5 pictures. If you click on one of them, you will go to the corresponding picture and the slider will stop working. To disable this feature, you have to pay for the Pro version of Soliloquy.


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